About Us

Alpha Omega Summer Camp is a fun day camp for children ages 6-17, where campers dive into subjects that they are passionate about or want to explore. Campers choose from a selection of creative skills taught by experienced instructors. They also develop their teamwork skills through specialized activities, while creating strong connections with peers who share their interests.

Camp Format

Alpha Omega Summer Camp series consists of 4 main programs:

  • Best Camp Ever: This is our extreme adventure experience where campers can customize their day, by choosing from a variety of activities like Fencing, Magic, Unicycle riding and more!
  • Dance N More: This camp offers campers the ability to learn cool new moves from a variety of dance styles, choreograph their own routine, and create their own costumes to wear for a special camp performance. Performance is on the final day of camp.
  • Super Hip Hop: This camp is for campers really wanting to get the hip hop experience. Campers will learn various hip hop styles and push their dance abilities to the max. A performance will be held on the final day.
  • Camp Rising Star: This is an all teen program where campers will write, record, and perform their own music, learn instruments, all while learning valuable skills to succeed in the music business.


Our core camp program is from 9am–4pm, and each session includes at least 20 total hours of instruction. Additional informal activities to enhance your child’s creativity are available between structured classes.


Alpha Omega Summer Camp is brought to life by a high-caliber, enthusiastic staff made up of professional educators, seasoned and working professionals with experience and education in their specific fields.