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Scholarship Camp

Traditionally the Alpha Omega Summer has hosted free summer dance camps in San Diego. Over the years we have helped hundreds of local youth pursue their love of dance. After the success of our other programs we have decided to offer a select amount of scholarships to any of our regular camp programs. This allows us to impact more youth and those that are interested in more than dance. The idea of helping more kids is very exciting to us.

Alpha Omega will be selecting only 15 lucky participants for this unique opportunity.


  • Camp Dates: June 18-22 & July 23-37
  • Location:
  • CDMA/ Rap A Tap Arts
  • 5050 Conrad Avenue
  • San Diego, CA 92117



Application process:

  • Applicants are required to complete the scholarship application here
  • Applicants must be 6-12 years of age or younger and be a San Diego resident. 
  • All applicant must 1. like the face book page, 2. upload a video with instructions posted on the facebook page 3. Share the page with 3 families with camp age kids
  • more instructions found on the facebook page


The Alpha Omega Dance Company is a Hip Hop performance troupe and nonprofit organization. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and to provide quality entertainment while maintaining a positive impact in the community. The Alpha Omega Dance Company provides motivating arts programming,  quality arts education, and entertaining performances with the Alpha Omega Dance Troupe. All this and more using the powerful medium of Hip Hop dance.