"The hip hop camp I attended in the summer was really great! it helped me learn new dance moves and become a better dancer by improving my isolation skills. Everybody in the camp was really nice and helpful. The dance camp was a great opportunity for me to improve and meet new friends. Right now i am attending SDSU as a freshman.  I’m hoping to get a scholarship in gymnastics and possible go to brooks photography school." Gabby


"I didn’t really know that it was going to leave such a huge impact on my life. My expectations really didn’t even match up to how much fun it really ended up being. To this day, I still think how appreciative I was to have people with the same interests and  that genuinely cared about me and my growth not just as a dancer, but as a person.
I am currently working on my first album and performing around SD and I will be using some of the moves I learned in camp when I shoot my first video really soon. None of this would have been possible without the support and relationships I made at dance camp, and I thank Prince and the other teacher  sso much for their time and effort that they put into helping me grow as a dancer, a musician, and a person." Gordyn


My name is Aaron and i was in Prince Graham's Dance Camp.  i enjoyed the different styles of hip hop and break dancing i got to learn from the different teachers.  I also enjoyed meeting lots of differnet people from lots of different places.  Prince was a good mentor and dance instructor. He was upbeat and well organized with the program.  There was good chemistry between the staff and campers. if possible i would join another class of his. I am currently a freshman on the Basketball, Cross Country and Track team, I spend my time practicing guitar and performing whenever possible.Aaron


"This is the best week of my life. I had the greatest time dancing and making new friends. I don’t want to be a dancer  but its fun just to learn. All the teachers were cool and were very helpful. I am in the 10th grade and been feeling better and can’t wait to go to college and be a doctor or architect. The lessons and friendships I made at camp I will never forget." Sean W .

“The camp that Jordyn attended really made a lasting impression on him. From that point his talents really took form. He is more confident of his dancing ability and that has affect his personal self esteem also. I would highly recommend this camp to any parent” Jerry Dodd


“This summer camp experience is the best thing that has happened to my child. The instructors and director were amazing. Marty said that every class was fun, never a dull moment. He went home and went straight to bed, so he could hurry up and wake up to be ready for the next day.  Thank you so much!” Janet Kinsey