Your Participation Helps The Community
Alpha Omega Summer camps is a FUN-draiser. We hold a free camps and its community involvement and proceeds from these regular sessions that provide us the opportunity to offer the same quality and fun to kids that would otherwise not be able to afford it. So its really important that we recognize such support and help programs like ours that strive to connect kids with activities that will help them foster healthy self esteem and encourage them to live healthy lifestyles.

More Confidence to Make Things Happen
At AOSC, you're learning non-stop. With every class, activity and opportunity, you discover more of your own creativity and motivation. The result? You gain confidence that can make a lot more things turn out the best way for you. This confidence comes from group support, success at new skills and a group of leaders who are experts at giving you the tools you need to discover the genius within every child.

New Challenges, New Skills
The Best Camp Ever experience feels like it's planned just for you. That's because it is. Every session is geared to what's exciting and interesting to kids. Wheter its Magic, Sports, Science or Cooking and more,   Diverse activities are planned to maximize the interest and skill levels of the campers. 
Campers will get better at real-life skills like learning effective ways to express feelings and communicate new ideas with others. They'll develop problem-solving skills by learning to look for creative solutions to your challenges. Working together with campmates in a friendly, cooperative environment, they'll have a greater trust in others and a true feeling of accomplishment.

Learn About Yourself in a Team of Friends
Some  come to camp not knowing anyone, some come with a friend or two from home, and some come back to be with friends made at camp. One things for sure, kids leave camp with more friends than they came with and these friends know things about them and accept them and make them feel great.

At our camp, we create an atmosphere  where friendships and self-learning emerge from every activity. Each day is action-packed from arrival to departure. Our program is surrounded with activities that support your new skills, learning and friendships.

Full schedule of specialized activity
Some camps that hold specialty camps have maybe 1-3 hours of specialized activity with the rest of the time spent in free play or arts and crafts. Our camps provide 3-5 hours of specialized training, our dance program has 4-5 hours of dancing and the rest of the time campers are choreographing dances and creating costumes or doing other dance related activities.